The beginning

Here I am, at precisely 1:51 AM, typing this out in advance. I have ambitions, but I do not expect them to go anywhere. Still, I am here.
Hello. My name is Astrid Star. I am married to my hoodie. This blog is going to be a patchwork of random shit that I think about everyday. I am here, writing, wrapped in two fluffy blankets, with one earphone in my left ear, which is supposed to be playing music (specifically, Apologise by Timbaland ft. Onerepublic over and over again) but I got too distracted in my writing to put it on.
So here’s a few things you should know about me:
I am under sixteen, but that’s all I’m giving you about my age.
I write.
I’m English (yayyy! *waves flag like depressed minion*)
I am married to my hoodie.
I am becoming a Quora addict.
I’ve had, so far, a happy, shitty, fantastic life all jumbled into one.
I have opinions.
I ain’t afraid to share them.
I am a one post a day kind of girl, from now on.
I am a one picture a week – if that – kind of girl too.
Oh, and, yeah, I’m a girl.

So that’s all you need to know about me for now. So I’m just gonna take this silent earphone out, listen to the nightingales and drift off into a peaceful, hopefully dreamless, sleep.
Update: it is now 2:02 AM.

Update: My sleep was not dreamless.


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