Tuesday 02

1:16 AM. I have decided that time and life is unfair. Here is my average day:
I get up.
I spend the whole day waking up.
By 1:00 AM I am fully awake.
Which is when my parents go to bed and turn the internet off.
Not fair!!!

I swear. The weekends when I am free, in the future, will go like this:
Sleep all day.
Wake up at night.
Snuggle into a hoodie whilst eating and gaming.
Play with my pet rats.
Wake up.
Play with rats.
Snuggle into a hoodie.

Haha, you thought I was serious?! Nah, for reals, I’ll just sleep. All the time.
Do you think anyone in the world could make Donald J Trump a respectable name again? I mean, imagine a beautiful guy comes along with that name, who’s a really nice person… would you give him a chance?
One fact about me:
I ditched social media because it was ruining my life. Now? I’m happy again, relatively. Specifically, my arch nemesis was Instagram. Damn, did that app drag me down. Not only down, but into abusive relationships as well. Real life – or just sticking to Quora, Whatsapp and WordPress – is so much better. Thank you to the very special people that taught me that. I owe you everything ❤
1:44 AM… one lyric going around in my mind:
“Until my sleeves are stained red, from all the truth I ‘ave said”
1:46 AM…. pondering sleeping. And life.
The future seems pretty scary until you start planning it out. Then when it’s planned, it gives you a sense of purpose. And you’re not scared anymore…. that is, until your mother undermines everything with one sentence (like that God with the heel… Achilles? ) like “But this could happen *insert disaster here*” – aaand, fuck. Dead. Possibly-called-Achilles, you miserable failure, finally I understand you.
1:52 AM: must go to bed and ponder existence there.
2:08 AM: I am now going to attempt sleep. Farewell.

11:49 AM: “Can you turn the internet on?” A whiny voice asks. Yep, you guessed it, that’s me.
Maybe we are all just a phoenix. At some point in our life, we have to rise from the ashes. We start out as humans. Then life burns us down like candles. And when all that’s left is ashes, we have two choices: stay inside the egg, crying, or fight your way out and rise. And sometimes, we just need a little help.
I may be staying the night somewhere I have unlimited internet and wasting life away on YouTube….
Gonna be a short blog, sorry guys :/ I’ll have more time tomorrow!


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