Wednesday 03

2:37 AM: my kindle, which has been breaking records by remaining alive with 0% battery for about… ten to fifteen minutes, just died. RIP.
I will now continue to sip cranberry juice like a serial killer and continue YouTubing.
4:33 AM: I need to see a psychiatrist XD I have literally spent the whole day and half the night watching videos about rats… yes, rats. Now I’m hungry and I can’t get back to sleep :’D
4:35 AM: sleep is my mission. I will report back to you.
11:28 AM: a monster groans and shifts around under the duvet. You guessed it, that’s me.
Temple Run Two, Lost Jungle, I hate you. I am just leaving wifi and you have to decide to frickin download the game on program as well as in the appstore!!! (Afterthought: it is a pretty good game)
5:11 PM: there is nothing else like the euphoric feeling you get after a rampage of clothes shopping. And also nothing else like those baggy hippy trousers. You know the ones? Day time pyjamas. Heavenly.
6:31 PM: yet again, I am listening to my favourite song. It’s too late to poltergeist. It is most definitely too late to poltergeist.
I’m soo sorry I haven’t written much today, I know I promised I would, but I spent all day clothes shopping and didn’t take my phone, and I haven’t even thought about much 🙈
Tomorrow, I won’t be so busy and I’ll have plenty of time to dwell on things and surf on Quora 🙂 So yah, tomozz ;p
Imagine that, suddenly, internet disappeared… it would wreak havoc on social media – oh wait! No it wouldn’t :’D it would be horrific though.

One tip for ya: never, ever, wear jeans if you’re going clothes shopping. Cuz you’re gonna have to try clothes on frequently, and in my opinion, it is not pleasant to go in a changing room and have to peel off my jeans every time. Of course, maybe your jeans aren’t as tight as mine were, but still. Just don’t do it.

Some people are just lucky. You know that one friend or family member you have that is the golden person? That’s the kind I mean. My dad is one of the blessed people. Him and my mum used to play Scrabble a lot, and they used to pick tiles for each other to demonstrate how blessed he was :’D

Gonna post this now. Tomorrow, I promise I’ll write more 🙂

If you read it all and didn’t click away in disgust, thank you do much 🙂


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