Friday 05

12:49 AM: storming through Angry Birds Space levels with my eyes half closed. I am so tired! This is out of character for me 😂 but you may have gathered that already by the beginnings of my posts 🙈
1:05 AM: and now, sleep.
7:33 AM: for some reason I just woke up, so before I sleep some more, hi!

This makes me so happy omg 🙈😂😄
Whoever made this happen, thank you!!
Did you know:
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was composed by Mozart when he was five years old! The legendary freakin lullaby! I hope you feel humbled 😂 check out this website: for more slightly useless but amusing and/or amazing facts 😀

8:00 PM: skating was AWESOME!! I haven’t skated in ages and it was awesome, plus ice cream (mint chocolate of course) and was able to paddle in the sea 😄 so that was great!

If anyone gets time, they should look at this blog: – it’s the best 😄 my favourite post is The Tulip Dream 😂

9:24 PM: well shiiit! Yet again I have failed you guys!

9:31 AM: To make up for it I wrote you guys this:

The Anatomy Of A Lost Ant

The grass is so tall, I think, watching the other ants working among it. They’re not from my colony, in fact, my colony is very far away from me. My ma sent me away as soon as they started recruiting army ants. She didn’t want me hurt, she said. I was meant to go to a training course at South Cloverfields, but I took the other road. My grandpa once said “If you are lost, you must wander.” And so I have. So I do. I turn to Lottie, the ladybird next to me, and ask her, “Shall we go?” She smiles and says goodbye to the ant she is talking to, and we fetch Monty (a mantis we found in Cliffstershire) and head towards the sun.
Hmm. Not sure about it, but eh! Tell me what you think 😂

10:29 PM: I’ll post now 🙂 I look forward to posting tomorrow!


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