Sunday 07

10:59 PM:

Little minnows,
Swimming past me
Toward an unknown fate, they swim
Too small for humans to eat,
Too plain for little children,
Just little minnows
Swimming away
Toward an unknown fate.

Kay, so that was a tiny poem. No idea where that came from, but I saw some minnows in the sea today, so I guess maybe my inspiration is from that. And yes, although I haven’t written any poems here before, I write them a lot. So keep your eyes open!

Having been ill and sentenced to death (okay, one day a week on the internet) by my parents, I am not a happy bunny 🙈 but I bargained with my dad to let me keep my blog, so there’s one good thing!
*sigh* I gotta say, there’s not many days out there when you get sick, feel like a massive mosquito bite, have your favourite tree half cut down and get your internet taken away. Still, I guess it could be a lot a worse. At least I have my music.
I would say I’ve been acting genuinely weirdly. But hey, drawing pictures of limp hands held by others is completely normal. Right? Right? Wait, why are you guys walking away? Come back!
What can I say, I’m sick 😂🙈
Damn, I have not written much today. Sorry guys :0
Tomorrow I will be feeling better 🙂 so I’ll have a lot more material :3

A lot could be worse than this, so don’t worry about me

Love ya broer,

Speak tomozzarella
Gonna post now, see ya 🙂 ❤


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