Tuesday 09

10:11 PM: whelp… dang it! How have I managed to not write anything all day?! Seriously. I am ashamed.
12:54 AM: just watched the film Delivery Man, if you haven’t seen it you have to see it 😂
It’s not as late as I thought, so I still have time to post :3
Silence Is Goldfish, too. You gotta read it :3
I got another metaphor for you: fire sparks. They’re relationships. Some last longer than others, and some make fires. Some die out. Which then goes on to make the other metaphor: fire itself. Which is sometimes linked with water… which is linked with sand. It’s all connected.
And another, I used this once in a story I started writing (and abandoned): a crystal.
You are a crystal. Pure, clear, colourful, but sometimes you hide. The frosty edges are your secrets and your flaws. And you can be beaten into sand. Which equals water which equals fire which equals fire sparks. Connections!
I’m glass. Colourful, sometimes dull. Sharp, and often thrown away. But it can be used to make beautiful things. But so often, it smashes when it’s finally complete… and water can wear it away, make it frosted and dull.
Damn, I am full of these frickin metaphors lately!
You know where the traditional heart symbol (♥) comes from? Two anatomical hearts put together. It’s pretty cute really. If I was better at drawing, that’s what I would draw.
“You may not be a lion, Tess. That’s fine. Neither am I. But just because we can’t roar, it doesn’t mean we should hide ourselves away…” I love that quote. It’s from Silence Is Goldfish 🙂
Eating Pringles like a zombie. I kinda need sleep. But eh.

Sometimes I miss my past relationships. It’s screwed up really, how much we… I, miss the one who told me what I wanted to hear. In fact, that’s more than screwed up. When you’re my age, people will tell you “You’re too young to know what love is” and my parents constantly point out that I never really had relationships because they were online. But that’s just not how it works. And we know what love is. I’m speaking for my generation here, when I say, we know what love is. And online relationships don’t seem real to you. And cyber bullying doesn’t seem real to you. But it still freaking hurts. And it still feels real. So please. How can you expect us to have respect for our elders if they, you, have no respect for us?

Metaphor Poem:

Sand, slipping through my hands.
Water, it cannot be tamed.
Pebbles, things the ocean beat against.
Fire, most beautiful in the dark.
The sparks of the fire, blowing away.
A crystal, frosted around the edges.
Glass, colourful and sharp.
This is the chaos inside my heart.

Gonna post. Night guys! Or good morning, whatever your timezone 🙂

I must apologise for Tuesday 09 being posted on Wednesday 10 :0 please excuse my wantonness 😉


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