Wednesday 010

9:42 PM: hello all :3 my tenth post… wooo!
Gotta few mins to fill this post up, guys πŸ™ˆ right on schedule as always πŸ™ˆ
Watched the Toy Storys I have. I must admit, I have a soft spot for Toy Story. They’re pretty cool.
Metaphors, metaphors… lemme think. Hmm. Silver… yes, silver.
Imagine you’re a silver ring. You’re tarnished and old because you’ve been left so long. But if somebody just took the time to… well. Wear you. Then you’d shine bright as a diamond. Ooo, diamonds. I’ll do diamonds next blog :3
When you think about it, this is technically my eleventh post… but eh. Details.
I managed to not do any work all day, which is why I’m working like crazy right now to type some input into my blog. Gah.
12:52 AM: it is technically Thursday 011, yet here I am, frantically typing. With a tiny fly crawling on my screen. I am scrabbling furiously round my brain like a rat. It would actually be quite funny if that happened. Not like when I was in a social media haze, and wrote about screaming and smashing things in the empty chasms of my dark brain. I was so happy πŸ™ˆ
Hey, broer. I am aware I have exceeded my deadline for the manifesto essay, but I will try my literal hardest to force myself to actually drag myself out of all the fluffy blankets and do something with my life. I will try. Wish me luck.
What does Darth Vader’s face look like? What kind of person could have created Luke? Luke, the all famous… wait. Jedi? Okay, okay, Star Wars fans, you can throw pillows (or metal weights) at my head for not knowing that πŸ˜‚ but I never really watched it all that much. It’s terrible really, cuz Star Wars is like a rite of passage through childhood, but hey, I’m bad.
Update on My Talking Angela (Maya): when she gets to level fifteen, she will actually listen and repeat what you say. I promise. Plus, funny new interactions. (I’m talking about the Android app)
1:04 AM: *is being dragged along floor of brain, holding a box of possible topics for blog, too tired to look in the box* “I can’t do thiis, it’s do exhaauuustiiing” I groan, glaring at my invisible captor. “Stop iiit, let me goooo” I whimper. “Never. You are coming with me.” Says Exhaustion, who’s voice I recognise even though I can’t see him. The dragging stops. “Huh?” I whine. “Here, take her off my hands” I hear Exhaustion say. “Cool. We’ll have fun together” says a female voice. Oh no. Not… Complete And Utter Exhaustion!? “NOOOOOO” I scream, before I black out.
No idea what that was, but hey. More material.
I have to post now though for reals, before I actually black out πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚
So sorry; broer. Here, take this – β™₯ – my heart is your heart ;p
See ya guys


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