Thursday 011

PM: OMG GUYS!!!! I had an awesome dream: Azzy Star Wars: Jungle Edition. Yep. Man, it was cool. I was Luke (*smug smile*) and I was being taught by Obi Wan Kanobi, and there were massive snakes the size of freaking Godzilla. And you could call gods to help you from this stove with loads of pans on it. You just had to tap a stick twice in front of the pan/god you wanted and they’d come help you. There was a pretty fine line between reality and Azzy Star Wars: Jungle Edition though, but I can’t remember the details. But it was so coooool!!!

12:44 AM: hi guys! Researching for my essay (why you should go vegetarian) like crazy with my eyes half closed. Trouble is, I’m only able to actually do things at this time of night when my eyelids are drooping down to my feet and I have to peg them to my hair.
It’s distressing when you think about how much we’re destroying the world. Meat eaters, your average normal person, are indirectly helping to destroy the world. Read: World Peace Diet, Farmageddon. I mean, you’re probably like, “vegetarian bitch. Imma click back to the cat videos. I don’t have to read this” but it’s true. A day’s production of food for an omnivore requires more than four thousand gallons of water, compared to less than three hundred gallons for vegan. But note I say I am a vegetarian, not a vegan. Still, after this book I might well become vegan. I don’t know.

“You’re mine” Laughs Complete And Utter Exhaustion. “And mine” grins Laziness. “And mine too” cackles Malfunction. I lie beneath them, on the cold black floor, eyes half closed, too exhausted to even cry. I give in slowly. Suddenly, there’s movement above me. Screeches echo around, and growling, and I hear Malfunction, Laziness and Complete And Utter Exhaustion being thrown away into the black. “No. She’s mine now” says a voice above me. Sleep. I close my eyes fully as sleep wraps me up in a duvet and gives me a pillow, then signals Dreams and Love to give her a hand in guarding me. The others snarl and slink away, fighting amongst themselves. I sigh, and slip into a restless, fitful sleep.
I think I need to sleep for reals guys. See ya… *yawn*

So sorry for the date mix up I had. I was very tired and it was technically the next day (past midnight) so I got confused :0



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